Online  Counselling

During the Covid-19 pandemic, everyday life had significantly and undoubtedly changed and we were required to find different ways of carrying on with our day to day lives.

With that situation in mind, I am now providing online and telephone counselling.

Some advantages of online and telephone counselling include:

  • Location-Maybe the distance to travel to see your counsellor may be further than you would like.

  • Work- It may difficult to arrange counselling times due to shift work 

  • Illness or health issues- You may have health issues and be more comfortable to have a session in your own home.

  • Disability- it may be physically difficult for you to leave your home due to disabilities.

  • Or you may just prefer online or email sessions to face to face ones. 

Whatever the reason may be, having the option of providing online and telephone counselling may be able to reach out to those who perhaps would not have before. 

(Sorry! Not available to individuals in the US or Canada - please visit