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As I write this, everywhere is buzzing.

 I myself am mentally thinking about what gifts I still need to buy, making lists for Christmas, still deciding WHAT to do on the day etc etc etc….

But at times, we may tend to stop and think about why we do this.

Why do we take on so much? Why do we feel the need to rush around at this time of year? Why do we stress ourselves at this time of year?

I mean, we know why, but really, why?

For some, it will be the religious significance this time of year comes with. For others, it may be that they are gearing up to welcome the new oncoming year.

Either way, coming to the end of the year is a great opportunity to look back and truly reflect on so many different aspects, mainly being, reflecting on ourselves.

This year, one of the things I took up was to write my ‘achievements’ every week, no matter how small they may seem, but just noting them down. I am a visual/record keeping type of person, and I like to physically see what has been done and achieved throughout the year. I look back now at that record and see that for sure, I have achieved many things, be it starting with new clients, having some training on a particular issue to help further my own knowledge and to add to my personal practice, or learning to wear a sari (finally!!).

Looking at that record does give me a sense of fulfilment, because those things that I have noted down, would have been otherwise forgotten, and maybe I would have been left with the feeling that perhaps, I haven’t really achieved much this year. That sense of advancement, progress, learning and growth really is noteworthy.


So, as the new year dawns on us, what other ways could we reflect on the past, present and the future?

Below are just a few other things we can reflect on as the year ends:


  • What moments were good this year?

What moments will be kept as happy memories or memories of which you are proud of? What memories of the past year make you smile?

  • What did you do right?

So, what is it about those good memories that make you smile? What worked? What will you continue to do to ensure that more of those positive times will occur in the future?

  • What moments were bad this year?

In order to allow ourselves to personally grow to the maximum, keeping note of the things that didn’t go so well is extremely vital.

  • What mistakes did you make?

How can you learn from the mistakes made in the past year? What things will you avoid or not do to try and minimise those bad moments?

  • How did you grow or develop as a person?

Bringing in both the positive and the negative, how do feel at the end of the year as compared to the start of the year? What new experiences have you gained? What new lessons or skills have you learnt?


Some things to also think about for the oncoming year:

  • What can you do to better yourself?

What changes can you make personally to be a better version of yourself? What changes within yourself might allow you to lead a better quality of life in the future?


  • What are your goals/new year resolutions?

Do you have something to look forward to in the future? What are your objectives and how can you keep track of the fact that you are either meeting or not meeting them?



What can you take away from this year and how can you take it with you moving forward?

Writing this in the year 2021, it may perhaps be difficult at this stage to count the positives, as we are mostly in the mindset of wanting to get back to life as we knew it. We are still very much dealing with new changes in terms of this pandemic. Still coping with the ‘new normal’ and perhaps also still very much in a period of transition in terms of the way we work and the way we live our normal lives.

So perhaps, it is more important now than ever to focus on the positives and how we can move forward in a way that will keep us both physical and mentally healthy.


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